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Thanks for stopping by. So excited to see you here! Throw on your comfy pants, grab a coffee or tea and read on… P.S. I hope you stay awhile.

Who created this little, cozy corner? Hi, I’m Nikki Andal, a Mom of two boys & the avid photographer behind this site. I love chocolate, waffles, and nap time! I have 20+ years of photography experience and love capturing the every day moments that make life precious. I offer professional family photography services across Toronto and the surrounding area.

Created in early 2013, this is a space that was designed around my love of photography and my passion for embracing motherhood after welcoming my adorable little boys; Mason and Carter. You can see them here on my Instagram page. As a Mom, I get the importance of recording all the little milestones … of creating and preserving new memories we’ll always treasure. We all know their different smiles, laughs, looks, funny faces and those moments that make your heart melt or skip a beat. This organic, natural photography feel is what I strive to capture across my work – candid, lifestyle moments of your kids and loved ones.

My camera is one of my favourite accessories & I’ve learned a lot because hey, I take a lot of pictures. [Like, a LOT of pictures.] And guess what; am eager to share my photography tips and tricks with you, too! Want to learn how to take the perfect snap for Instagram or Facebook? I’ll show you how to improve your family photos and edit your pictures like a pro. Perhaps I can open the door to photography for other Moms, too. Sound good? Great! I hope you enjoy this space as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you.

Thanks for stopping by! Leave me a comment and say hi! I love meeting new friends!

Sincerely Nikki, xo

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My camera is my favourite accessory. When I'm not Instagram-ing or blogging, I'm capturing family memories.
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